You can skip to character creation without a character concept, but this step will help create a more multi-dimensional character.

Write four to six sentences about your character using any of the suggestions provided in this section.

The Basics

# Trait
1 Genetics
Choose your race, gender, general build, and any other important characteristics you feel should be defined.
2 Hometown & Culture
Consider where you were born, and how the local culture shapes who you are. Do you have tribal tattoos? Are witch covens a common theme in the area? Does half of the city work in the mines?
3 Ideologies & Myths
What beliefs shape your culture? Are they highly religious? Do they worship forest spirits or sacrifice goats?
3 Environment & Community
Under what conditions were you raised? A hostile environment surrounded by war? Enslaved in an encampment? In a wealthy home with good opportunities?
4 Relationships
Who were your family and friends? Did you get along? Were there major complications?
5 Hobbies
What sort of hobbies did your character enjoy or partake in?
6 Style
Consider your clothing style and equipment. Do you wear a keepsake? A holy trinket? Do you express yourself through rebellious hair? Are your clothes dingy and unkepmt?
7 Education
Were you educated? Mentored? Did you learn certain things on your own?


A unique trait or two can help to visualize a character. Use this list for ideas:

Accessory: Eye Patch, Cane, Collar, Sash, etc.
Build: Tall, Athletic, Curvy, Skinny, Heavy, etc.
Clothing Article: Kilt, Cape, Fedora, Belt, etc.
Clothing Style: Torn, Dirty, Strange Colors, etc.
Equipment: Poncho, Cane, Scepter, Goggles, etc.
Facial Trait: Broken Tooth, Arched Eyebrows, etc.
Hair Style: Frizzy, Dyed, Long, Silver, etc.
Piercings or Tattoos: Earring, Tribal Tattoo, etc.
Posture: Poised, Strange Gait, Hunches, etc.
Scars or Birthmarks: War Scars, Moles, etc.

Major Life Events

Sometimes a major life event can help spark your character's personality or nature. This table can optionally be used to inspire one.

Major Life Event Examples
Tramautic Incident
Parents were killed, village or tribe was destroyed, the plague killed your friend, etc.
Victim of Tragedy
You were kidnapped, tortured, framed and imprisoned, betrayed, witnessed a great horror, etc.
Great Loss
Your fortunes plummeted, lost a valued heirloom, you had to make a terrible sacrifice, etc.
You followed a strange cult, were mislead by a demonic force, child of strong nationalism, etc.
Prisoned for being a criminal, taken as a hostage, victim of war, are an escaped convict, etc.
Avoided certain death, had a miraculous recovery, had a near death experience, endured a rough trial, etc.
Dark Past
Have a large or small criminal history, abused drugs too much, were entrenched in a cult, etc.
Cursed w/Knowledge
You know a true conspiracy, learned forbidden lore, witnessed a terrible event like a demonic ritual, etc.
Marked or Scarred
Have battle wounds and war scars, were branded for stealing, lost a finger to a monster, etc.
Unbelievable Story
Witnessed a supernatural or mythological event that few would believe, experienced a far-fetched event, etc.
Life-Shaping Era
Dedicated years to higher education or an apprenticeship, found a purpose, long adventure, etc.
Noble Sacrifice
Voluntarily faced great adversity, gave up your wealth, nearly drowned to save someone, etc.
Heroic Event
Saved a life, protected your tribe, misdirected the enemy away from your ally's war camp, etc.


Choose one or two primary motiviations. You can optionally use this table for ideas:

Motive Related Motivations
Adventure Discovery Exploring Curiosity
Affiliation Patriotism Loyalty Devotion
Ambition Power Wealth Dominance
Competition Transcend Advancing  
Conform Tradition Follower  
Justice Martyr Reformer Paragon
Knowledge Wisdom Creativity Learning
Legacy Infamy Fame Glory
Order Duty Obligation Cohesion
Purpose Destiny Martyr Vengence
Redemption Vindication Forgiveness  
Respect Credibility Approval Altruism
Simplicity Comfort Romance Family
Sin Greed Lust Pride
Spiritual Religious Fanatic Devoted
Thrill Praise Pleasure Fun
Visionary Leader Dreamer Idealist


Consider detailing one or two previous (or current) occupations your character may have had. You can optionally use this table for ideas:

Combat & Military
Civilian Bodyguard, Boxer, Gladiator, Martial Artist, Wrestler
Lawman Guard, Sheriff, Watchman
Mercenary Bounty Hunter, Freelancer, Guild Recruit
Military Archer, Cavalry, Knight, Scout, Soldier, Spy, Operative
Crafting & Construction
Blacksmith Armorer, Cutler, Engraver, Minter
Builder Architect, Bricklayer, Cartwright, Carpenter, Mason, Roofer, Shipwright
Clothier Embroiderer, Furrier, Glover, Hatter, Seamstress, Tailor, Tanner, Weaver
Craftsman Bower, Candler, Cobbler, Cooper, Fletcher, Potter, Quilter, Roper
Engineer Clock Maker, Engineer, Inventor, Locksmith, Mechanic, Siege Engineer
Food Prep Baker, Brewer, Butcher, Chef, Cook, Winemaker
Specialist Bookbinder, Cartographer, Dyer, Gem Cutter, Glass Blower, Jeweler, Miller
Crime & Underworld
Criminal Assassin, Con Artist, Fence, Forger, Handler, Informant, Poacher, Smuggler
Thief Bandit, Burglar, Pickpocket
Financier Accountant, Banker, Moneylender, Tax Collector, Treasurer
Intellectual Detective, Lawyer, Librarian, Professor, Scribe, Scientist, Researcher, Teacher, Tutor
Physician Apothecary, Dentist, Doctor, Herbalist, Nurse, Surgeon, Veterinarian
Scholar Biologist, Chemist, Economist, Historian, Linguist, Mathematician, Psychologist
Athlete Acrobat, Gymnast, Runner, Tumbler
Creator Artist, Composer, Director, Painter, Playwright, Sculptor, Woodcarver, Writer
Entertainer Actor, Bard, Comedian, Dancer, Jester, Mime, Minstrel, Musician, Singer
Laborer Digger, Farmer, Fisherman, Landscaper, Lumberjack, Miner, Transporter, Stableman
Servant Assistant, Attendant, Butler, Custodian, Errand Boy, Groomer, Maid, Slave, Waiter
Service Animal Trainer, Courier, Driver, Gardener, Guide, Messenger, Sailor, Transporter
Social & Political
Politician Ambassador, Constable, Diplomat, Mayor, Political Aide, Politician, Translator
Religious Chaplain, Devotee, Friar, Monk, Nun, Preacher, Priest
Sales Clerk, Merchant, Peddler, Salesman, Seller, Teller, Trader, Traveling Salesman
Speaker Herald, Master of Ceremonies, Public Speaker

1. Character Concept

Optionally, come up with a concept and brief insight for your character. Common details include personality, nature, style, archetype, etc.

The "Character Concept" section can provide several quick ideas to build upon.

2. Skill Points

Skill Points
1 1
2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3
4 4

Your character has 12 skills to distribute skill points to.

If you are playing a low level character (a commoner), start with one less 4 and one more 1.

3. Advantages

Assign three Rank 1 Proficiencies and two Natural Talents. You also receive 30 EXP to spend and 10 Story Points (SP).

Natural Talents grant a +1 bonus modifier to a chosen skill and are annotated in parentheses, such as "Athletics: 4 (+1)"

4. Magical Inheritance

Start with the following magical abilities. The GM may alternatively provide different options.

Abilities Note
Chambers 1
Spheres 1, Player's Choice
Spells 3, Within Same Sphere

5. Background

Purchase merits and flaws from the "Story Merits" and "Story Flaws" sections. These provide roleplaying advantages and help outline your character's past.

6. Finishing Touches

Finish the final details of your character: race, appearance, personality, history, equipment, spells, etc.

Common Backgrounds

Purchase any number of the following:

SP Description
2 You are friends with a Major NPC, such as a high-ranking diplomat or a professional assassin.
2 Your extended family supports your archetype and endeavors; e.g. you're part of a magical lineage, your ancestors founded a mercenary guild, you were born into an organized crime ring, etc.
2 Start with a wizard's kit: wizard's bag, aurostone ring, wand, spell book, component pouch, components, scrolls, magical tome, grimoire, and writing supplies.
1 Start with a casting rune.


You may spend SP to purchase up to two of the options on this list:

SP Equipment Description
1 Exceptional Gear Start with three exceptional items of your choice.
3 Legendary Kit Start with a legendary kit (crafting kit, infiltration kit, etc).
3 Legendary Weapon Start with a legendary-quality weapon.
4 Legendary Armor Start with a legendary-quality armor.
5 Minor Artifact Start with a Minor Artifact.


Spend SP to choose a Wealth Rating. An allowance is used on rent and taxes (land ownership), hiring retainers, general expenses, etc. It won't raise your liquid wealth each month.

SP Type Liquid Wealth Allowance
0 Standard, Low 1d4+1 Silver None
1 Standard 1 Gold, 1d6 Silver 1 Silver per month
2 Privileged 1d4+2 Gold 1d4+4 Silver per month
4 Affluent 2d4+4 Gold 1 Gold per month
7 Wealthy 3d4+6 Gold 1d3+3 Gold per month
10 Rich 3d6+10 Gold 2d6+8 Gold per month


Affiliations provide useful connections to an organization or group. Regional affliations cost 1 SP, national cost 2 SP, and international cost 3 SP.

To purchase national affiliations, you must have a related regional affiliation. To purchase international affiliations, you must have a related national affiliation.

Archetype Affiliation Examples
Business Merchant guilds, blacksmith guilds, trade conglomorates, local businesses, a famous inn, etc.
Criminal Assassin guilds, illegal slave markets, the black market, thieves' guilds, thugs, etc.
Cultural Connections with a specific culture, race, or social group.
Education Scribes, scholars, schools, libraries, professors, universities, etc.
Judicial Law enforcement, courthouses, lawyers, connections within the legal system, etc.
Magical Magical orders, magic apprenticeships, alchemist's workshops, diviners, shamans, etc.
Media Heralds, bards, minstrils, etc.
Military Soldiers, tactitians, military officers, mercenary guilds, covert agencies, etc.
Political Government agencies, diplomats, noble heritage, ambassadors, etc.
Religious Cults, religions, priests, worshipers, etc.

+ Affiliation Reputation

Reputations multiply the SP cost for an affiliation, but grant influence, favors, allies, and reputation die that improve skill tests with the affiliation (social, perception, wits, etc).

SP Type Description
Cost +1 Esteemed You're a person of interest, possibly with a role of importance. You're able to pull some strings. Gain +1 reputation die and +1 minor ally within the affiliation.
Cost x2 Authority You're a VIP in the inner circle and wield considerable influence. Gain +2 reputation die, +1 major ally, and +2 minor allies within the affiliation.
Cost x3 Legend GM approval only. You greatly influence or directly command the organization. All of its members are considered contacts and minimal effort raises them to minor allies. Gain +3 reputation die and +3 major allies within the affiliation.