Magical Assets: Table of Contents

Lesser Artifacts

  • Aurostones

  • Casting Runes

  • Devices, Magical

  • Divining Tools

  • Ghostlights

      • Necrolights

      • Runelights

  • Hexplates

  • Magilocks

  • Talismans

  • Totems

  • Wands & Channeling Devices

  • Wizard's Bags

Minor Artifacts

  • Accessories

  • Animal Equipment

  • Books

  • Boots

  • Burglary Gear

  • Containers, Carried

  • Containers, Stationary

  • Crafting Supplies

  • Enchanted Weapons

  • Gaming Items

  • Glasses

  • Gloves

  • Hats

  • Holy Items

  • Instruments

  • Light Sources

  • Maps

  • Masks

  • Masks, Transform

  • Masks, Occupational

  • Necromancy Items

  • Outfits

  • Paintings

  • Pendants, Protection

  • Riding Gear

  • Ropes

  • Runes

  • Small Devices

  • Special Texts

  • Statues

  • Totems, Greater

  • Whistles

  • Writing & Drawing

Lesser Artifacts


Aurostones are simple rings or jeweled artifacts made from Auro that are designed to assist with a variety of magical utilities. They are usually fashioned as rings, though in rare cases they may be placed in pendants or other jewelry.

When an Aurostone is granted to someone, its magic is bound to the wearer to prevent it from being exploited by others. This process also makes it nearly impossible to create a forgery. Reversing the bind is only possible by clearing the Aurostone of its energy signatures; this process is done when Aurostone are passed to other mages, though most Aurostone are kept for life before being recycled.

Energy Signatures

The primary function of an Aurostone is to simplify the process of magical identification and spell activation. Each Aurostone possesses several hundred energy chambers that can store energetic signatures and sequences of magical instructions. The number of chambers usually depends on the size of the Auro gem that was used and the proficiency of the alchemist that created the Aurostone.

Energy signatures can be activated to prove one's clearances, to trigger spells, to sign contracts, exchange proof of deeds, to exchange credit, or to activate a simple sequence of magic. Activating an energy signature can be done with a properly held intention, a command phrase, a gesture, or a combination of these elements.

It is possible to test if someone's Aurostone has a particular energy signature if both parties possess the same signature. One can also grant energy signatures through a simple imprinting command. Most magical orders make common use of Aurostones amongst their ranking members as their way of granting rank and titles, as well as to control access through magically-locked areas.

Distribution of Aurostones

Aurostones are the most common type of magical artifact used by mages. They are often passed down through generations, and are also one of the easiest artifacts to produce. It is common for alchemists to be expected to create an Aurostone as an important prerequisite for graduation. Since Auro already possesses the magical advantages that are primarily sought by an Aurostone, a talented alchemist could finish an Aurostone by themselves over the course of a few months. It also ensures that the alchemist's training includes at least one project with magical materials; not just alchemical materials.

Every mage that graduates from one of the magical academies will possess an Aurostone by the time of their graduation; usually earlier, depending on their heritage and the nature of their studies. Since Aurostones are frequently used for triggering spells, shamans and casting wizards tend to require them earlier in their studies. Mages that don't attend the magical academies would usually only possess Aurostones if they were of sufficiently powerful lineage or had the proper connections.

Powerful or wealthy mages usually pay to have larger and more fashionable Aurostones that are produced by master alchemists. Their functions aren't usually much more impressive, but it does allow them to have a larger number of chambers available to them.


Some energy signatures are always imprinted on standard Aurostones, or can be easily acquired. These typically include energy signatures provide the following functions: triggering the activation of publicly usable artifacts, voting yes, voting no, abstaining from a vote, and a call beacon. Many public artifacts have been standardized to make use of these imprints.

Each mage decides what energy signatures to imprint or remove, and could choose to have non-standard imprints if they desired. There are usually twenty to sixty chambers dedicated to energy signatures that indicate family lineages, guilds or organizations that the mage belongs to, schools or academies that the mage has attended, ranks and titles the mage has acquired, positions the mage holds, powers the mage has, and any other beneficial merits the mage possesses. Remaining chambers may store small messages for proof of transfer, proof of agreements made, clearance to pass certain magical locks or traps, or simple instructions to activate minor spells or rituals that are prepared and waiting for an activation.

Casting Runes

Casting runes are small, flat, magical stones about the size of a large coin with straight edges. They come in different shapes and have symbols or incantus chisled into the rock. Wizards can attune to the runes using a Minor Chamber to gain its benefits.

If an attuned casting rune is within an nearby proximity (generally about thirty to forty meters), the wizard can cast magic through it; even if it is behind several walls. From up to roughly one hundred meters, the wizard can sense the direction and location of their attuned casting runes when concentrating.

Warding magic can be used to easily dispel the effects of casting runes, preventing their owners from even sensing the rune. Casting runes are also easy can be deactivated by the user that cast a spell with them, or through simple dispelling magic.

Most mages are provided at least one casting rune during their schooling. Many such runes have been used for over a thousand years, still being passed down to later generations of mages. Some mages don't carry any due to their nature of spellcasting, while others may carry several.

Devices, Magical

EchoshellA conch shell that amplifies someone's voice, broadcasting it across a larger area. Often used at magical ceremonies, or for purposes during war. Some are enchanted to be useful underwater.

Divining Tools

Divining tools come in many forms, and there are many specialist diviners that focus in a particular art. Most divining tools used in practice are not magical, and instead rely upon the user's intuition and archetypes of the global consciousness to help draw forth answers from the unknown. Enchanted divining tools are intended to serve the same purpose as their non-magical counterparts, but seek to amplify the user's natural intuition.

Druid's CardsA deck of cards with major and minor archetypes drawn upon them. Special patterns and card layouts help to answer questions.


Ghostlights are magical lights that appear lit with ghostly fire that neither burns nor gives heat. They are usually produced in the form of Ghost Lanterns, with a candle placed inside for symbolic purposes. The presence of a ghostlight will attract Chambis from other dimensions and slowly tether it into the surrounding area. This causes the room fill with an ambient light over the course of a few hours or days, depending on the size of the room. It takes just as long for the effect to disappear if the ghostlight is removed from an area.

Once a ghostlight has reached its saturation point for a room, that room may be as bright as daylight. Not all ghostlights are identical, though. Some are brighter than others, expand further, produce their light more quickly, or may produce different colors. The simpler forms of ghostlights are one of the easier things to produce with alchemy. Due to their high demand, most alchemy students will work on ghostlights as beginning projects.

If a ghostlight is bound to a specific location and attuned to the energies of the area, its power is greatly enhanced. Unlike a typical ghostlight that can fill a large room, a bound ghostlight could fill an entire palace. Though more difficult to create, many ghostlights are created at the location for which they were intended for this reason.


Necrolights are similar to ghostlights, except that their saturation of a room will allow the presence of spirits to be visible to the observer. In some cases this degree of awareness will allow amplify forms of telepathic communication with the spirits, as well as make it much easier to perform necromancy.

Though ghostlights are far more common and have many more practical uses, Necrolights had been discovered first. Most Necrolights are now either handed down between the few Necromancers that exist, or are produced by the Bonesmen. They are far more difficult than ghostlights to produce.


Seers saw fit to produce ghostlights that could allow alchemists to observe some degree of magic as they did. Rather than providing additional light, runelights were designed to augment the ability to perceive magic in the area of saturation. Magical energies, chambis, and the processes of tethering become slightly visible in a myriad of beautiful colors that pass through the world. This effect may even be visible in darkness to some degree, as the energies themselves produce minimal amounts of light when augmented.

The primary use of a runelight is for alchemy, though it serves other mages as well. It is possible to use runelights to discover the finer nuances of a spell, and they are particularly useful for shamanic rituals. However, most runelights must be attuned and bound to a specific location when created. Any portable runelight, even one that would require saturation, would be elevated to the status of a relic.

Even though it is not the purpose of a runelight to behave as a Necrolight, it too will reveal the energetic presence of spirits. Spirits revealed through runelights will appear far different than in necrolights; their forms will take much more magical and colorful appearances.


Hexplates are small magical boxes that are programmed for a specific task. The task always involves waiting for a specific action and triggering a simple magical energy in response to it. Any beginner alchemist can create them, and they are usually one of the first projects learned during alchemical studies.

Most Hexplates are small metal boxes with a symbol engraved on it to indicate its importance. The actual magic required to create a Hexplate is very limited, usually only requiring a lesser gem to power it depending on how many instructions it must hold.

Hexplates may serve a variety of functions; anything from activating magical traps and alarms, opening magilocks, signaling an arrival, automating a simple task, and so forth.

Alarm HexplateActivates a magical alarm; often one that silently alerts any nearby mages that have been attuned to the hexbox.
Lock HexplateUnlocks a nearby magilock that it's been assigned to.
Trap HexplateActivates a magical trap that it's been assigned to trigger.


Magilocks are locks that must be unlocked by a specific energy activation, usually one that was properly programmed through a Hexplate. Magilocks also do not have any method by which to be picked with a physical instrument, making them an ideal option for security. It is next to impossible to bypass a magilock without the valid energy signatures. They are frequently used by magical orders to restrict clearance to specific ranks or people with given titles.


Talismans are simple magical trinkets that are often used for protection, passive energy collection, or to influence subtle changes in one's environment. The general description of a talisman is an accessory or charm, typically a small one, that performs a very limited form of magic.

Clarity TalismanHelps the user feel energized, keeps their mind clear, and makes it easier to sleep and stay focused at work.
Mindlock TalismanImproves one's mindlock; even a terrestrial would possess the advantages of mindlock with this talisman in their possession.
Mood TalismanInspires a desired mood or emotion, such as one that keeps the wearer more content and peaceful.
Pain TalismanInflicts physical pain to the wearer, strengthening with time. Used by certain warriors to train their pain tolerance.
Warding TalismanHelps passively resist and absorb any incoming magic.


Totems are magical artifacts that similar in nature to Hexplates, though much more advanced. Unlike Hexplates, which activate very simple reactions, Totems cast simple forms of magic without needing intervention. Many magical devices are capable of casting magic on their own, though Totems are the most common form and are specifically designed to be programmed to automate magical tasks.

It is common for Totems to be combined with symbol magic that would draw in the appropriate energies for the Totem to work with. It is possible for a Totem to be incapable of functioning if the surrounding energies cannot be sufficiently tapped.

Wands & Channeling Devices

Wands are the primary channeling devices that hones and focuses the energies of a spell-caster, enabling them to wield magic with more precision and at faster speeds. Though wands are not required to cast magic, it radically improves the thaumaturgy casting of those who are proficient with them. As a result, the majority of mages will possess a channeling device.

Wands are by far the most common type of channeling device, representing more than twenty to one any other type. Even those that possess other types, such as staves, will usually carry wands as another primary casting method. Staves are better with wide-area casting and rituals, though are harder to wield and slower acting than wands. Wands are better at targeting and precision focus.

Most channeling devices are crafted from the magical wood of Spellwood trees. Wooden wands are good for general magical purposes. Specialty wands, such as those augmented with specific filters, may benefit when casting certain spheres of magic; though are typically hampered with others as a result. Most specialty wands are crafted with magical metals, and cost far more than typical ones. Magical gems are sometimes used to augment channeling devices (particularly with Scepters), allowing them to passively collect and store energies.

Wizard's Bags

The majority of wizard's bags are not magical, though they are prolific enough among mages to represent a critical part of their magical attire. They hold the wizard's quintessential magical tools and belongings; wands, grimoires, components, casting runes, symbols, potions, spell and ritual scrolls, etc. Many contain a quill and ink for writing in magical linguis or common alchemical ingredients.

Wizard's bags are further categorized into wizard's satchels and wizard's packs. Satchels are the most common form, worn as handbags. Larger varieties are often meant for carrying books, journals, and other texts. Wizard's packs are worn as backpacks, usually used by travelers or for specialized purposes. Alchemists may use them to carry a large number of potions or alchemy ingredients. A common alternative to the wizard's bag is the wizard's belt, which is designed to be a lighter load and be minimalist, such as to carry wands and minor components.

Many wizard's bags will have multiple wand slots for owners that use specialized wants that are applicable in certain instances.

Minor Artifacts

Minor Artifacts typically cost in the realm of 100 gold; roughly what a highly skilled tradesman would earn in 55 years before expenses. It is illegal for terrestrials to possess minor artifacts due to their extraordinary value, as it would be assumed they had stolen it.

When reviewing the artifact list, the following keywords will indicate the nature of the items' requirements:

A1Action: Item is activated on each use with a Minor Chamber.
A2Same as A1, but uses a Major Chamber.
S1Sustained: Item must be sustained by committing a Minor Chamber to it.
S2Same as S1, but uses a Major Chamber.
L1Leyline: Item attunes to the world's energies after sufficient time has passed. Takes 1 day to attune in magical areas, 1 week in normal areas, and 1 month in low-magic areas.
L2Same as L1, but attunement times are tripled.

Note: Any magical item with an "S1" or "S2" keyword can optionally be used like an A1 or A2, respectively.


Cape of GlidingS1Can glide through the air at a descent of 1 meter per round. Can otherwise move at normal walking or running speeds while airborne.
Belt of OutfitsS1Has three notches on it, each associated with a different outfit. When the owner switches to a notch, the outfit switches. Can change an outfit by altering one's clothes while a notch is active. The belt is always worn on the attire.

Animal Equipment

Collar of SkillWhen worn by an animal, that animal can learn up to three skills that would be highly unrealistic for such an animal to possess (e.g. a cow dancing, a pig juggling, etc). The pet will gain all necessary dexterity to perform the skills learned.
Collar of TonguesWhen worn by an animal, that animal can now speak in the primary language of the collar's owner. The animal won't find it unusual that they now do this.


For all magical books, new pages can be easily added and old pages can be removed. The book itself contains the magic; not the pages stored within them.

Bard's StorybookAny story written in the book can be felt and experienced almost as if the reader was present in the world being created. This also works to improve research descriptions, journals, or live events.
Book of ExchangeS2A pair of two books; both books must have an owner attuned to function. Both books share the same text, and writing in one will also write in the other. It takes a long scene for writing to transfer between books.
Book of Local LoreS1Automatically journals interesting news and events happening in the area, up to one hundred kilometers from where the book is currently located. It can't scribe knowledge that is being kept secret from the public.
Book of OsmosisAnything written into this book can have its knowledge rapidly absorbed by anyone touching it as though they were reading it ten times faster than their normal reading speed (while retaining the same clarity).
Book of RecordsWhile traveling, this book will automatically scribe any events, experiences, or research the owner wanted to record.
Scholar's BookBook that eats other books, and stores them as a library of content. Up to roughly three hundred books can be retained, including large academic books. A reader can focus on any entry listed in the table of contents to transform it to the desired content.
Book of TransferS2Anything written in the book will be fed into the owner's mind, allowing them to be aware of it.


Boots of Air JumpingS1Can jump an additional time while in the air, even allowing one to shift their momentum mid-jump as though from a standstill. Air-jumps give enough power to leap three meters high and six meters long.
Autonomous BootsS1Boots will follow walking instructions and keep you propped up safely, even if you're asleep. Intelligent enough to choose good routes.
Balancing BootsCan balance on any surface, even when intentionally off-balance (e.g. leaning way further than normally possible).
Boots of DestructionS1Can inflict three times as much force and damage with kicks against inanimate objects.
Boots of Feather's TouchS1Can walk on a string, leaves, or other things that wouldn't naturally support the wearer's weight.
Boots of Floor HoppingA2Can drop through the floor as though phasing through it, as long as there is an open area beneath to safely drop to.
Boots of Good StandingInstantly rise from being prone (free action), except if bound or held down.
Boots of the GrasshopperS1Can leap up to five meters high and ten meters long.
Boots of GroundingNearly impossible to push, knock over, or otherwise uproot; except if worse to remain standing (e.g. being hit with a boulder).
Boots of Group TravelS2After a full scene of traveling, the wearer and their party will start traveling faster without fatigue; often twice as far as normal per day.
Boots of the GymnastCan perform elaborate athletic and gymnastic moves without effort, such as: front-flips, back-flips, wall-jumps, aerobatic grabs, etc.
Hovering BootsFloat slightly above any solid surface when worn. Also has the advantage of "Untraceable Boots," but the effect is more obvious to observers.
Boots of Safe LandingsS1Ignore all damage from falls and keep wearer aligned with the ground.
Silent BootsS1Sounds from one's feet make no noise, except when desired.
Boots of SpeedS1Can walk and run up to fifty percent faster, and can do so without additional fatigue.
Boots of SwimmingS1All water movement is fifty percent faster and more adept.
Boots of TerrainS1Pass through rough terrain or poor conditions as though there was a stone path laid out in front of you. Can significantly improve travel through rough or mountainous terrain.
Untraceable BootsLeave no footprints or traces of one's presence.
Boots of Wall WalkingS1Can walk on walls or ceilings as though they are the floor.
Water Walking BootsS1Can walk on top of water or liquid as though it were a solid, flat surface.
Well-Traveled BootsS1When worn on well-traveled paths (such as major roads), the wearer is able to walk two times faster. This effect does not fatigue them, but is obviously magical in nature. It does not work on trails or paths.

Burglary Gear

Burglar's PicksA1A set of lock picks that improves all attempts to pick locks (gain a "Magical Lockpick" advantage), as well as reduces the time expense from a scene to a short scene, or a short scene to a round.
Burglar's Skeleton KeyA1An iron key that, upon instruction, will transform into a nearby key that fits the instructions received; such as "the key within the noble's pocket." Can only transform into non-magical keys that are within two meters.
Cone of EavesdroppingS1A listening cone that, when pressed to a wall, can listen through into the next room as though standing inside of it. Can also be used for heightened listening, such as to break into safes (gain "Super Hearing" advantage).
Infiltration RodA1A small, iron rod that can fit inside a clenched fist. When held to a barred entrance, the bar will remove itself as though being manipulated by an invisible hand.
Rungs of InfiltrationS2Four iron bars, each a half meter's width, that can hover in place while supporting up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds). They can move at a walking speed and follow instructions, but must remain within two meters from solid matter (such as a wall or ceiling) or one meter from another rung. A rung may not move while someone is holding it.

Containers, Carried

Bag of ConcealmentS1Works like a normal container, except for the owner. The owner can open it to reveal a separate, magically concealed set of contents.
Bag of HoldingS1When items are being placed near the lip of the bag, they will begin to contort and shrink to 1/5th their usual size; allowing the bag to hold larger items and have more space available.
Basket of SustenanceWhile traveling through vegetative areas or forests, this basket will regenerate fruits, vegetables, and other foods available in the area. Healthy meals will be prepared, such as salads and sandwiches. The basket also contains a waterskin that refills itself near water sources or rain.

Containers, Stationary

Chest of HoldingL1Same as "Bag of Holding," but items will shrink to 1/10th of their usual size, due to the additional magic made available by the metals in the chest. Can attune to land energies rather than chambers.
Chef's PotL1Purifies all foods, waters, and meals placed inside of it or cooked with it. All meals produced with this will be healthier and more tasty than usual.
Shared ChestL2Comes as a pair of chests; one chest has a lever mechanism. When toggled off, the chests function normally. When toggled on, the chests contents are swapped. Both chests must be closed for the transfer to occur.

Crafting Supplies

Hoe of AgricultureS1Plows, tills, and shapes the soil with magical force. The surrounding earth bends and shifts to its will. Using the hoe makes it one hundred times faster to plant, seed, weed, or otherwise perform agricultural work.
Shovel of GaiaS1Digs a large scoop of earth, well beyond its actual size, as though the weight is only a few grains of sand. Won't penetrate solid rock, but otherwise moves earth very easily. Can dig and move earth one hundred times faster than normal.
Jungle MacheteS2The will of the holder manifests into magical actions that transform his surroundings in areas of vegetation. Manipulating or shaping vegetation is one hundred times faster; including clearing paths, forging wooded habitats, trimming hedges, cutting trees, etc.
Sculptor’s ChiselS1Can chisel, mine, carve, and otherwise influence stone one hundred times faster than normal. Despite not being a pick, it can act like one.

Enchanted Weapons

{Weapon} of BeastsAgainst beasts and familiars, this weapon deals +1 damage and gains an "Enchanted Weapon" advantage.
Holy {Weapon}Against undead creatures, this weapon deals +1 damage and gains an "Enchanted Weapon" advantage.
{Weapon} of MagesAgainst mages, this weapon deals +1 damage and gains an "Enchanted Weapon" advantage.
{Weapon} of NightmaresAgainst creatures of pure evil and demonic creatures (such as nightmares, wraiths, spawn, etc), this weapon deals +1 damage and gains an "Enchanted Weapon" advantage.

Gaming Items

Gambler's DeckS1The owner can identify any card by it's back side; this is a purely magical effect. No amount of non-magical scrutiny will reveal this ability.
Gambler's DiceS1A pair of dice that, when rolled by the owner, can roll whatever the owner wishes. When others attempt to use the dice they behave normally. No amount of non-magical scrutiny will reveal this ability.
Wizard's TokensA pouch of tokens that will transform into small, animated game pieces that participate in games. They only serve entertainment purposes, but are excellent for social events.


Glasses of Aura SightS1The wearer can see auras and spirits. This grants them an "Aura Sight" advantage to Sense Motive tests and attempts to identify magic.
Glasses of DetectionWhen concentrating, the wearer can clearly identify any magical disguises or illusions. This includes camouflaged and invisible targets.
Enchanted GlassesThe wearer gains the "Enhanced Vision" advantage for visual perception tests. Grants visibility without light, in low visibility, while blinded, after over-stimulation (e.g. looking at sun), and even after loss of eyes.
Goose-neck GlassesThe wearer can "look" through their hand, or any melee object being held.
Glasses of InspectionA1Can activate to see someone's name, physical state, health conditions, and other minor details as though they were written near the target in magical text. The glasses are fooled by magical disguises.
Glasses of the LinguistAll foreign languages are seen as though written in a familiar language.
Glasses of MagnificationS1Can see up to five times further and with five times more clarity.
Glasses of Mobile VisionS2Paired with a glass eye-shaped artifact that can be willed to levitate at a jogging speed if the wearer is within 1 kilometer. The wearer of the glasses sees through the eye artifact. Anyone trained with energy sight can see blue tendrils of energy leading from the eye back to the glasses.
Glasses of the OwlS1When concentrating, can see in all directions simultaneously.
Paired GlassesS1Comes as a pair of glasses: one sender and one receiver. Both must be attuned to operate. The "receiver" pair is heavier (like goggles) and has a rotating side. This allows the recipient pair to see what the sender is seeing.
Piercing GlassesS1When activated, can see through walls or objects up to 1 meter thick.
Glasses of RedirectionS1When the wearer concentrates on a given spot within 25 meters, she can now see as though standing at that location. Can also be used to see overhead vision or look over large structures.
Glasses of the SeaCan see clearly underwater, even in murky waters. Also protects the eyes while swimming.
Glasses of Speed ReadingCan read ten times faster while retaining the same clarity.
Glasses of TrackingS1Can lock onto a visible target in close proximity. Once locked, the wearer can see energy footprints left by that target. The footprints fade over time, and disappear completely after two hours.


Gloves of AutonomyS1Gloves automatically assist with defense, and can be used to parry. Can perform unlimited parry actions for free, even if the wearer is unconscious.
Casting GlovesThese gloves function like a wand, replacing the need to use one.
Gloves of ConcealmentS1Can magically conceal a dagger-sized item in one's gloves. Wearer has immediate access to the item as a free action.
Gloves of Extended ReachS1Can extend your sense of touch outward by several meters, as though touching with an invisible hand. Gains the benefits of the "Gloves of Free Touch."
Filching GlovesS1Pickpocket and sleight of hand actions are easier to perform. Gain a "Filching" advantage and can make an optional re-roll on the first attempt.
Gloves of Free TouchCan safely touch and feel anything: fire, frost, poison, lava, sharp edges, etc.
Gripping GlovesS1Can grip or climb any surface, even ones that couldn't normally be gripped. Wearer will not fumble and gambits to disarm the wearer will not work.
Halting GlovesS1Can raise hand to stop moving objects in their path that are rapidly approaching you. Requires a successful defense action with a "Magical Halt" advantage. Can also use the gloves to parry.
Gloves of InfiltrationS2This glove is of a length above the elbow. It will allow the wearer to phase their arm, up to their elbow, through non-magical objects.
Gloves of ManipulationS2Performs like the "Gloves of Extended Reach" but can manipulate the objects being touched; button press, lever pull, flip pages, etc. The strength of manipulation is reduced to roughly 1/10th the wearer's strength.
Minstrel GlovesThe wearer, when picking up an instrument played by hand, will immediately be able to play it as though a master. The gloves are proficient in every instrument as though they've been practicing for ten years.
Pointing GlovesOnce per short scene the wearer can point at something to make everyone nearby intensely aware of whatever is being pointed at. Can also "poke" targets from a distance, and they will feel it like a regular poke.
Gloves of Projectile DefenseS1Gloves allow the wearer to catch projectiles. The action is safe to perform, and works like a standard defensive action.
Gloves of ShieldingS1Can hold up hand(s) to generate a 2-meter diameter energy shield that resists physical movement as though it were a centimeter-thick wall of mud.
Gloves of StrengthS1Any attempts to lift, bend, push, or pull inanimate objects gains the "Extra Strength" and "Distributed Force" advantages.
Summoning GlovesS2Works like "Gloves of Concealment" but can hold up to five sword-size items. Items are stored in and summoned from the abyss.
Gloves of ThrowingS1Can throw twice as far and increase the range of thrown weaponry.
Wielding GlovesS2Can wield a single item twice as large as normal with the same amount of strength. Doesn't work for dual-wielding, but can allow a two-handed weapon in one hand and a shield in the other.


Bard's BeretWhen speaking to a crowd, can intuitively sense the type of stories that they want to hear and the best way to improve a plot or thicken suspense. Gain the "Intuitive Storytelling" advantage when telling stories or news.
Helm of BreathS1The wearer is able to breathe safely in any environment, including those that are poisonous, extra-dimensional, or underwater. It also allows for clear visibility and prevents any undesired chemicals or elements from entering the helm.
Con Man's CapS1All attempts to sense motive on the wearer will automatically fail and reveal nothing. Botching a sense motive roll against the wearer will lead the target to believe the wearer's motives align with their statements.
Helm of the LabyrinthThe wearer can intuitively sense their way out of a cave or labyrinth, as long as there is a direct path out of it.
Hat of Two LivesS2Comes as a pair, and can be worn by two people. When the owner activate it's power, both wearers will swap bodies until one person removes their hat. If the hats are separated by more than ten kilometers, the power ends.

Holy Items

Hallowed SymbolThe wearer receives a "Holy Warrior" advantage against any undead. Attacks from any undead source are reduced by 1, and no diseases or magical affects can influence the wearer.
Holy CandleS1Undead are burned by the light of this candle if they are within five meters from it; their skin will visibly boil and decay. A single, unsoakable point of damage every round to lesser undead, though greater undead may resist it. All undead creatures suffer the "Disoriented" disadvantage in its presence. The candle lasts for a short scene after being lit, then must regenerate for a long scene.
Holy SymbolS1Possesses "Hallowed Symbol" powers. Lesser undead also have a 50% chance of being turned away, fleeing from the symbol's wearer. Any that remained nearby suffer from a "Disoriented" disadvantage for a long scene; often long after the wearer has left.
Priest's FlaskS1Can add normal water to the flask. After a long scene, any water the flask contains will be converted to holy water.


Master's LuteS2When played, the music influences the emotions of terrestrials that hear it by roughly 50%. Joyful music inspires song, dance, fun, and pleasant expressions. Solemn music inspires sorrow and mourning. Quiet, repetitive music inspires a desire to labor and work hard. Anthems inspire valor and comradery. Other varieties of songs have different influence.
Gong of NoticeA1When the gong is struck, everyone in a large area (up to ten kilometer radius) will know precisely why the gong was struck.
War DrumS2The drummer thinks of a simple five-word instructions that he wants a group of nearby allies (such as a squad of archers) to receive. Upon drumming, that group will understand the instruction (though are not forced to obey it).

Light Sources

Adjustable TorchHas a magical flame that never runs out. It's brightness, color, temperature, and general appearance can be adjusted by willing it. Those within its radius are given clear vision in low visibility.
Floating LanternS1Possesses "Adjustable Torch" powers, but is a hovering lantern with intelligence. It can follow instructions given by the owner.
Torch of the NightS1Possesses "Adjustable Torch" powers, but helps conceal those within its radius. The light it gives off is not from any outside observers. Anyone within the torch's radius also receives the "Shadowed" advantage at night, in addition to any bonuses from their torchlight being invisible.
Torch of RevelationsS1Possesses "Adjustable Torch" powers, but also reveals any hidden creatures in the area; magically or otherwise. Anything with moderate concealment is "highlighted" in a thermal-red when within the proximity of this light.


Agent's MapS2Possesses "Mage's Map" powers, and comes with ten runes. Each rune takes a Minor Chamber as a commitment. When committed, the attuned rune-holders appear as illusions on the map; even on large-scale maps. It will identify their physical condition by color, and a current status chosen between ten predetermined messages.
Mage's MapS1An intelligent map that reveals the surrounding area based on publicly-accessible knowledge. It can show large scales for nation-wide or city-wide features, or smaller scales for floor plans. It takes a few rounds for the map to update, and will only update when the owner wills it to.
Master's MapS2Possesses "Mage's Map" powers, and when zoomed on a specific floor plan it will use minor illusion magic to reveal the presence and names of living entities of sufficient importance. It cannot reveal hidden entities, and is still based on public knowledge. Its intelligence tries to predict what the owner would consider threats, allies, or negligible entities.
Map of ScryingS2Possesses "Mage's Map" powers, but can be willed to draw locations somewhere else in the world; not just those centered on the map. It still has the limitation of basing its results on publicly-accessible knowledge.


Mask of DisinterestS1The wearer is extremely difficult to notice (particularly by terrestrials) so long as she refrains from doing anything suspicious, threatening, forbidden (such as entering an area that's off limits), or harmful.
Mask of IntroversionS1The mask automatically pays attention to social interactions for you and responds on your behalf. Gains the "Etiquette" advantage when socializing. Observers will think that you're responding to them normally, even if you're paying attention to something else.
Mask of Many FacesS2Disguises your face by making it appear entirely different. The mask has roughly ten faces available, and can swap between them effortlessly.

Masks, Transform

All magical transform masks listed will transform the user into the animal of the related type. Each mask has a specific species and appearance that it is attuned to. Transformations (to or from the animal) will take a short scene to finish.

During transitions, the user has several disadvantages: Slow, Disfigured, and Lacks Dexterity. The transition is not painful, but the user can only move at half speed due to the distortions happening to their body. Any equipment the user was wearing will fade into the abyss during the transformation into an animal, and will re-emerge when they transform back.

Beast of Burden MaskS2Transform into horses, donkeys, cows, oxen, buffalo, etc.
Bird MaskS2Transform into a variety of birds.
Canine MaskS2Transform into a wolf or dog.
Cat MaskS1Transform into a cat.
Rodent MaskS1Transform into a rat, mouse, lemur, hamster, or other rodent.

Masks, Occupational

Occupational masks allow the owner to assume the role of a given occupation with magical proficiency. When the mask is donned, their outfit adapts itself to conform to the standards of the local culture; it is impossible to detect falsehood in the uniform through non-magical scrutiny.

Additionally, supply bags will contain simple tools that are required for the occupation, and the owner will have an intuitive knowledge of the occupation when pressed with questions. Anyone that observes the owner will feel naturally inclined to believe that they belong to the designated trade.

Criminal's KitS1Assume the role of a criminal occupation.
Entertainer's KitS1Assume the role of an entertainment occupation.
Holy KitS1Assume the role of a holy occupation.
Lawman's KitS1Assume the role of a lawman-like occupation.
Merchant's KitS1Assume the role of a merchant-like occupation.
Physician's KitS1Assume the role of a physician-like occupation.
Scholar's KitS1Assume the role of a scholarly occupation.
Servant's KitS1Assume the role of a servant-like occupation.
Soldier's KitS1Assume the role of a soldier-like occupation.

Necromancy Items

Channeling SkullA1Can channel the voice of recently deceased bodies (within a few days) or nearby spirits. When activated, the skull comes to life and floats at eye level; slight illusions will form facial features that reflect the original appearance. One use per day. Lasts for a scene.
Skull of ManifestingS1Same as "Channeling Skull," but lasts for as long as the owner allows, and an obvious (semi-transparent) illusion will create a full body; not just facial features. The manifested spirit doesn't receive a physical form.
Dark TombstoneA2A small, portable tombstone. When placed above the grave of a deceased body, the body will rise as a zombie (if recently deceased) or a skeleton (if deceased for a prolonged time). Takes a long scene to complete.
Scepter of the UndeadS2A skull scepter that allows the owner to command up to five skeletons or zombies, including giving instructions that a well-trained dog could follow. The undead must be attuned over the course of a short scene before they can be commanded.


Chameleon CloakS1A cloak whose colors transform and bleed into the surrounding area when willed to camouflage itself. Can be willed to camouflage itself in vegetative or urban areas to conceal the wearer. Wearer gains the "Magically Concealed" and "Camouflaged" advantages while active.
Robes of DisguiseS2The wearer can will the robes to transform into any outfit that is no greater than three gold in value (what a high noble may spend on formal robes); including gaining a single disguise advantage if desired (such as "Camouflaged"). The transformation takes a single round, and the process looks very elegant and magical.
Robes of EtiquetteS2The robes ensure the wearer is well-groomed, smells pleasant, enhanced pheromones, has proper poise, has their best features highlighted, and is always clean. The wearer gains the "Well-Groomed" and "Attractive" advantages during social interactions.
Jacket of GaiaS1This outfit keeps you at a proper temperature, even in freezing cold or blistering heat. It protects grants +1 soak against non-magical elemental effects (such as fire).
Cloak of the ShadowS1A dark cloak that bleeds into the shadows with magical precision. Grants the "Magically Concealed" and "Shadowed" advantages at night or in dark areas.


Painting of DimensionsL2The painting stores a small dimension inside of it; roughly the size of a large fortress, though it can have any type of environment. One can press their hand to the painting and concentrate for several rounds, eventually being drawn inside. Leaving is similarly easy.
Painting of FantasiesL2Whatever room this painting is placed in will slowly convert into a fantastical illusion that reflects the look and feel of the world inside the painting. People that enter will also feel the intended experience vividly.
Gallery in a PaintingL1When other paintings come into contact with it, this painting can "consume" them and gain the image. Upon instruction, it can reveal the other paintings with only a round to transition between them.
Painting of InstructionL1Can instruct the painting what it should draw; it will comply, and it's artwork is exceptional. Takes a long scene to complete an instruction. It can be used to paint exact memories by touching the painting.
Painting of MoodsL1The presence of this painting subtly influences the mood of anyone in the area. The emotion or feeling built into the painting is permanent, and accounts for roughly 30% of the emotions felt by anyone in its presence.
Windward PaintingL1Paints the current weather conditions outside; typically used indoors or underground. The horizon on the painting shows what weather is likely to appear the next day.

Pendants, Protection

Pendant of ElementsS1All damage received from magical and non-magical elemental sources is reduced by 1.
Fire PendantS1Resists all magical and non-magical fire, smoke, and heat effects.
Frost PendantS1Resists all magical and non-magical cold, frost, and ice effects.
Pendant of ImmunityS1Resists all magical and non-magical poisons, toxins, and diseases.
Lightning PendantS1Resists all magical and non-magical lightning, shock, and electric effects.

Riding Gear

These effects will remain committed to the animal once equipped, but will disappear if the equipment is removed.

Horseshoes of AthleticismA2Can magically fit to any mount. When applied, the mount can move 50% faster, turn much more sharply, land safely from a high distance, perform gymnastic stunts, and leap up to three meters higher and ten meters further than normal.
Saddle of MountingA1Any non-magical creature with this saddle strapped to them will be immediately domesticated and treat the saddle's owner as a friend. It also keeps the wearer stable during rough rides, and will strengthen the mount enough to carry the rider.
Wings of the PegasusA2A saddle that causes the mount to grow wings. The mount can now leap up to ten meters high, and can glide. The descent is slow (about 1 meter / round), and it retains its natural speed while airborne.
Horseshoes of the SeaA1Can magically fit to any mount. The mount can walk and run on water as though it were a flat, solid surface.
Saddle of StrengthA1The mount will gain incredible strength, capable of pulling much more weight; eight to ten times more, if the wagons can handle it. Extra weight will not fatigue it.
Saddle of VitalityA1The mount will be able to travel without the need for sleep, food, or water. It can also move 25% faster without fatiguing itself. This can double a day's travel on a typical non-magical mount.
War SaddleA1Mount gains the "Extreme Valor" advantage and it's hide becomes thick and resilient, gaining +1 soak that magically supplements any armor worn. The mount is also immune to non-magical elements (fire, frost, etc), and gains +1 additional soak against magical elements.


Grappling WhipS1Possesses the "Magic Rope" traits, and has a whip's form. When whipped, it will latch onto the desired target and bind to it with extreme strength. The whip can extend and retract in a single action, allowing the user to pull themselves up very rapidly.
Magic RopeExtremely strong rope, nearly unbreakable, and very thin and light. Made from Arachnid Silk. Can support over a thousand kilograms. Can extend itself up to five times its normal length when following orders.
Serpent’s RopeS1Possesses the "Magic Rope" traits, and is a "living" rope that follows instructions of its owner. It can reach up to two meters from any hold that it can grab onto, and climbs by finding multiple holds along a path or by snaking around objects. Knows how to bind victims, tie knots, etc.


Runes are small, flat, magical stones about the size of a large coin, with symbols or incantus chisled into them. When tossed or held, they can be willed to activate their "Conjured State." Runes can be returned to their "Rune State" by speaking the rune word, which is intuitively known by the person who cast the rune. Any contents that were conjured by a Conjured State will disintegrate when the rune is retrieved, or if the contents leave the area defined by the Conjured State.

Rune of FurnishingsA1Can be tossed into a room to conjure seating, tables, furniture, artwork, cabinets, etc. A specific type of room can be chosen; such as a kitchen to conjure kitchen supplies.
Passage RuneA2Usually comes in a pack of three. These rune effects are permanent and cannot be retrieved. When tossed onto a wall or obstruction, a passage is created based on the owner's specifications; a door, a window, a portcullis, a small hallway, etc. The rune will take a few rounds to generate the passage, but the passage is permanent.
Tent RuneA1Can be tossed onto the ground to magically transform into a large, fully furnished luxury tent for up to six inhabitants.
Traveler's RuneA1Can be tossed to the ground to create a campfire that remains lit as long as desired, and a cooking station. Berries, vegetables, and fruits that natively grow in the area will be supplied; enough for six people.
Wall RuneA1Can be tossed onto a desired location to create a non-magical wall of any natural mineral or wood no greater than ten meters in length. It will fit to the owner's specifications and design. Will revert to its rune state if the wall sustains too much damage.

Small Devices

Dowsing CompassS1With a short scene of effort, the owner can retrain the compass to point to a desired item that she is familiarized with (e.g. "my opal ring") or a generic type of item (e.g. "a barrel of wine"). If there are no valid items within 1 kilometer, it won't work. It will point toward the closest item found.
Mystic CompassS1With a short scene of effort, the owner can retrain the compass to a designated location such as "exit this labyrinth" or "travel to Skywood." The compass will use the collective global consciousness and intuitive insights to direct you. However, there are cases where it may not understand the best course of action.
Underground SundialA small palm-sized trinket that shows the markings of a sundial, and an inverted light that indicates the exact time of day.

Special Texts

Document of ForgeriesS1When the owner focuses on the document, she can will it to transform into a forgery that appears valid upon inspection; including seals, signatures, etc. The size and shape of the document will adjust as necessary. It takes a scene for the document to complete its forgery.


Statue of ImpersonationL2Owner must attune a Minor Chamber to use the statue. Once attuned, the statue will speak on behalf of the owner as though present. The owner can mentally experience the exchange, or even participate if they actively concentrate on it.
Statue of LoreL2Possesses basic intelligence and an eidetic memory that can store roughly three years worth of knowledge. Can teach, give lectures, and answer questions like a tutor. Is often used by schools.
Statue of SpiritsL1A humanoid statue that can channel the voice of nearby spirits or sufficiently intelligent animals. Will automatically translate animal voices into a language that the primary observer can understand.

Totems, Greater

Totem of AgricultureL1Enchants an area to improve the agricultural conditions. Farmland becomes more fertile, vegetation becomes healthier and grows quicker, and bugs and weeds are substantially reduced.
Totem of SerenityL1Enchants an area to make it mystically serene. Those affected feel more peaceful and have radically improved meditation and sleep. It also inspires slow regeneration, allowing people to heal twice as fast in its presence.
Totem of WardingL1Magically wards an area, making it much more difficult to cast magic. Magical effects are reduced by half, and casting magic has a raised Activation Cost.


Courier's WhistleA1Within a short time after being whistled, a non-magical messenger or courier from the area will appear. The messenger will perform his duties for no cost. Up to three messengers can be on active assignments at a time.
Pet WhistleA1Summons the desired pet when whistled, as long as the pet has been attuned to the whistle. The pet will receive the instructions from any distance and will arrive in the shortest time reasonably possible; intuitively finding the owner. Can attune up to five pets or mounts.
Servant's WhistleA1A ghostly servant attuned to the whistle appears for a long scene. It can follow instructions and perform mundane tasks. It is capable of influencing up to 10 kilograms of weight (roughly 22 pounds).

Writing & Drawing

Paintbrush of ArtistryS1The user naturally becomes adept at art, as though having trained at least ten years with it. Also gains the "Artistry" and "Creativity" advantages when drawing or painting. The paintbrush can switch between colors in a single round using will alone, and can be precise enough to sketch with.
Quill of EnigmasAnything written with this quill can only be understood by its intended recipient. It is treated as a perfect magical cipher. Anyone else that attempts to read it will only see nonsense.
Paintbrush of IllusionsS1Works like "Paintbrush of Artistry," but with static illusions drawn on surfaces or directly in the air. It draws significantly faster; a long scene of art would take a short scene, and a short scene of art would take a few rounds. An illusion will only last for a long scene, unless a Minor Chamber is committed to sustain it.
Quill of Magic InkCan draw with magical ink, which can only be viewed using magic or when a specific spectrum of magical energy or light is shined onto it. The ink is as permanent as the writer desires it to be, but it takes a full day to refill a page's worth of ink.
Eraser of PermanenceS1Can erase text from any non-magical book, document, etc. The effect looks completely natural. Once erased, it's gone forever. Can also erase anything drawn with magical ink.
Scribe's QuillThe quill possesses the intelligence of a scribe and can transcribe what it's owner is speaking or take instructions on what to write; such as to copy manuscripts or write letters to all the local nobles to invite them. The quill can write ten times faster than normal and with extraordinary beauty, such as calligraphy.