The Lost Ages (~2100B to ~1300B)

Myths & Legends

Very little is known about the Lost Ages. Many myths have been passed down about these times, but scholars cannot agree on which ones have any merit. Recorded history is almost non-existent, and the folklore of ancient times is suspicious at best.

It is believed that the only race alive during the Lost Ages were human, and that magic was extremely limited. Presumably, magic was nearly impossible to use, even by the most adept amongst the humans. The magical awakening was unexpected and terrifying to the inhabitants of the planet, who were not prepared for it.

The Planar Collisions

One thing that is known about the Lost Ages is that this was when the Magical Awakening occurred. Activity on the higher dimensions caused the nearby Astral Planes to exert force on each other with great intensity. This resulted in planetary-sized waves of Chambis pushing through the Realm. The energies of the Astral Planes caused the Terrestrial Plane to destabilize and made it far easier for sentient creatures to harness Sorceros and discover the metaphysical mechanics of the higher dimensions.

The emergence of magic was a very sudden, chaotic transition. Magic was strengthened considerably during the Planar Collisions, but was also more chaotic and dangerous to use than after the world stabilized. The world's civilizations were unexpectedly thrown into change and turmoil with powers they had never dreamed of; another reason for so much history being lost.


Some sentient beings simply couldn't survive the experience and died, whereas others were forced to evolve into something new. Entire cultures began to evolve new traits or species in a very short time, often based on their proximity to magical Chasms or areas with specific archetypes. This was particularly true in areas with strong elemental influences such as mountains, forests, and the sea.

Humans, still the dominant race in the world, often saw the emergence of new creatures as being mutated monsters. Racism emerged stronger than it had been amongst the humans, and some cultural wars began to eradicate the mutants. Magical lineages began to emerge, each with their own unique flavors of magic; some of which were far stronger than others.

Many variations of animals began to transform into wild beasts, and were amongst one of the largest threats at the time. Most beasts acquired innate magical abilities, often related to their nature or the archetypes they already possessed. It was very common for beasts to have extended lifespans. There are still beasts alive from the Lost Ages known as the Ancients.

Magical plants also emerged throughout the world, and were capable of storing and providing magical powers that greatly benefited those that could make use of them.

The Celestial Changes

Not only was magic awakened, but the alignment of the planet itself shifted. Astrological bodies began to influenced the world differently. The calendar year changed slightly, and the length of day was altered. The land that is now known as Omna exists closer to the equator than it used to.

The Age of An'yus (~1300B to ~900B)

The First Oracle

The first Oracle, An'yus, appeared around 1400B and is marked as the most notable figure of the age; and one of the most legendary Anointed of all time. He possessed greater wisdom and power than anyone alive had ever seen, during a time when magic was uniquely powerful and chaotic.

An'yus was able to save dozens of lands from annihilation by beasts through his visions and powerful rituals, and he single-handedly advanced Thaumaturgy by perhaps a hundred years. He is credited for an overwhelming amount of magical lore despite no records clearly being able to identify what it is he discovered.

An'yus prophesied that a race of terrifying creatures would come from another dimension and conquer Astaria, and that they would come through a Rift that was torn open by Astaria's own citizens. He claimed that the race would sweep over the world, destroy civilization in the process, and that their only hope of survival was to rally around those who had been touched by darkness.

Scholars believe that An'yus had taught his followers about the Fey; the Dark Anointed whose struggles against darkness were nearly insurmountable, but who posed the greatest threat to evil if they could overcome it. It is predominantly believed that Deros, who was born a Fey during the Demonic Invasion, had fulfilled the prophecy by An'yus.

Preparing for the End of the World

An'yus further believed that many of the magical chasms and materials available in their age would eventually be lost, and that the forces of magic pushing into their world would change. He established the Divine Alliance to prepare the future generations for what was to come.

Amongst many of the roles that the Divine Alliance was meant to perform, the creation of magical artifacts and relics to prepare for the future generations was of critical importance. They also kept much better records of their work and ensured that knowledge was being recorded and passed on. This has enabled scholars to get a much clearer understanding of what took place through history.

The Age of Stability (~900B to 271B)

Astral Stability

The Planar Collisions finally ended, bringing an end to the massive magical disruptions between the Terrestrial Plane and the Astral Planes surrounding it. This resulted in magic losing the power and intensity it then possessed, but also stabilized and made the world safer.

The magical races had their natural magic depleted, often to a point where it was no longer considered as relevant. Many that possessed innate magic began to lose touch with it, or at least had a harder time using it. There was still powerful magic in the world, but it required greater knowledge or more powerful Sorceros to access it.

Consequences of Magic Stabilizing

The reduction of magic in the world caused a great socioeconomic divide between those who possessed magic and those who didn't. The strongest of the magical lineages were able to easily take control of the governments and leadership within society. The Earthborn, or those who no longer possessed powerful magical inheritance, found themselves unable to do much about the disparities of magic.

Nevertheless, with stability returning to the world, the inhabitants of Astaria were able to settle into more a comfortable planet. They were able to reap the benefits of the powerful magic that had been awakened without it disrupting every aspect of their lives. The discoveries of the last few centuries had provided sufficient knowledge of how to manipulate the metaphysical laws.

Thaumaturgy was becoming much more popular since fewer could access magic through casual intent like before. Many magical schools and apprenticeships were created to deal with the influx of people that wanted to train in the magical arts. Some of the oldest Magical Acadamies in Omna were originally founded as magical schools during the Age of Stability.

Lineages & Diversity

A small handful of magical lineages can be traced back to this age, mostly from areas within Omna whose knowledge had been kept safer. The result of magical lineage began the process of disparity that still exists; the mages born into the elite and ruling classes, and the Earthborn. True political and economic power remained contained amongst the magical families.

There was also a much greater diversity of races in Astaria during this age, many of which went extinct during the Demonic Wars. There were populations on every continent, spreading throughout the entire lands of Astaria. Records exist that refer to details of the other continents in Astaria, though many find it difficult to believe how much of the world was supposedly lost to demons.

The Dark Ages (271B to Year 0)

The Rift to Infernos

True to the prophecy by An'yus, a Demonic Rift was opened on a continent across the ocean to the southwest of Omna. The Cult of Infernos was responsible for creating the Rift. They were believed to have had some form of communication with demonic spirits through the aid of their Fey leader, Mekal Inderus.

The cult aided the Realm of Infernos by helping to bridge Infernos to the Terrestrial Plane. When the Rift was successful, the cultists were rewarded by becoming the first Warlocks. Mekal Inderus was elevated as a Demon Lord; the only known human to have ever achieved such a position within the ranks of the demons.

War broke out immediately between the two Realms. The Demonic Invasion was swift and brutal. There were genocides of entire races, and it didn't take long for the demons to take control of several large territories.

The Migration to Omna

There were forces throughout Astaria that aided in the fight against the demons: the Titan armies lead by Deros of Titania, the Beastmasters and Keepers of Arcanus, the Wendori hordes of the West, the Divine Alliance, the Cult of Pandora, and many others. There were several legends from these days, including many Anointed that went down in history for their actions. However, no matter much resistance was put forth, the demons continued to expand their territory.

Eventually, as these civilizations continued to retreat, they were forced back into the lands now known as Omna. There are two major territories in Omna; Jeria, the mainland, and the Northern Isles. Omna represents roughly 10% of the entire land in the world, with all else being controlled by demons.

As all of the collective powers of the old world came together into its last corner of defense, Omna's ability to suppress demonic takeover improved considerably. With their most powerful forces fortifying the edges of their lands and the Jilak controlling the seas, civilization became strong enough to hold their borders.

The Legend of Titania

The Divine Alliance, Year 271B to 260B

The Divine Alliance, which had been preparing for and anticipating the Demonic Invasion, immediately acted upon the prophecies of An'yus when the Rift was opened. They kept a watchful eye for the discovery of any Fey in the world, and promised to pay an exorbitant amount of money to adopt them.

Before long, the Divine Alliance was able to adopt the three remaining known Fey in the world. They did everything they could to help the Fey through their darkness and tried to sway them to fight against the demons.

Creation of the Titan Armies, Year 260B to 215B

One of the Fey that the Divine Alliance adopted was Deros of Titania, the man who became the legendary demon-slayer and prophesied savior of Astaria. Equipped with the Artifacts of An'yus, the powers of a Holy Fey, and the backing of the entire Divine Alliance, Deros was given command of massive armies to repel the demons.

The legend of Deros, which had been seeded by An'yus long before his arrival, spread like wildfire throughout the lands and united many under his banner. His homeland of Titania swelled in population as a center of civilization, which he helped forge into a culture of war.

Perhaps his greatest victory was the capture of Mekal Inderus in 247B, despite its immense cost to his armies. Inderus was sentenced to Pandora's Box after it's construction by the Divine Alliance and the Cult of Pandora. It was slightly modified to imprison Inderus and the Cultists of Infernos, drawing power from their magic to empower the shrine even more. The consequences of being imprisoned within Pandora's Box are said to be too horrific to imagine, but was also believed to be of critical importance to the world's defenses at the time.

Despite the incredible progress of Deros and his armies, it was impossible to stop the demonic forces. There were too many, and their numbers continued to grow. Many lands were slowly lost as the demonic forces took control of more territories deeper within Astaria, forcing the constant retreat or extinction of many civilizations.

The First Soulborn, Year 215B to 194B

The Divine Alliance was beginning to fear that Deros' age would become a problem if they didn't address it. Their mages felt they could collectively prolong his life for a few decades, far longer than the human average, but that eventually the world would lose their savior. To address the issue, the Divine Alliance attempted to create a new form of magic: Soulcraft.

They believed that Soulcraft, if performed properly, could theoretically allow someone's soul to be bound to the realm and reincarnate with the powers they possessed before. Deros agreed to the procedure, which also inspired other warriors of legend to do the same.

After 21 years of preparation by a hundred master Shamans and Alchemists, the ritual for Deros was ready. The ritual successful, making Deros the first ever Soulborn. His form of Soulcraft also bound him to the Armor of An'yus and the Demon Sword of Mekal, making him the first Templar as well. To this date, he is only Templar that possesses two Icons.

In the process of preparing the ritual, the Divine Alliance had discovered many new forms of power. Knowledge of this power spread to other factions within the Divine Alliance, as well as to other major magical organizations and established powers. It is known that other Soulborn were created from these separated factions, but it is unknown how many failures have occurred throughout history.

Deros' Final Years, Year 194B to 173B

The magical longevity granted to Deros through the efforts of the Divine Alliance eventually began to wane. Deros commanded Titan Jarius, his second in command and loyal friend, to assume leadership of the other Titans and his army.

With the world being swallowed by more demons, armies were becoming increasingly spread out. The Divine Alliance began trying to overcompensate with the losses of major forces by creating new Soulborn. This had mixed results. In their haste, many of the precautions they had once taken were ignored, and some that undertook their procedures suffered great consequences.

Deros instructed the Divine Alliance to ensure the process for Jarius early with the same level of dedication they had given him to ensure he would follow him into the next life. The Divine Alliance agreed, but their resources were far more limited than before and didn't feel confident that they could manage such a feat. Furthermore, the political strife across the lands were getting difficult to manage, and the Divine Alliance was beginning to fracture in its purpose.

Deros later died in a particularly viscous battle when his army was ambushed. He sacrificed his life to give Jarius time to retreat with the rest of the army to proper ground. This was a particularly large loss since Deros had worn the Armor of An'yus and Demon Sword of Mekal that was now lost to the demons. Though the armor was useless in the demon's possession, the collective loss was catastrophic.

The Rule of Titan Jarius, Year 173B to 132B

Jarius proved to be the replacement leader that Astaria desperately needed with Deros gone, but losing Deros nevertheless took a great toll. Morale across Astaria plummeted when they received knowledge that their savior had died, and Jarius' name hadn't yet become enough of a legend to instill the same level of faith.

The forces of humanity were forced to retreat further and faster than before. Jarius and the Titans were able to slow the progress significantly, but over half of the world was then believed to be under demonic control.

The Divine Alliance was successful in converting Jarius to a Templar as Deros has requested, but their procedure was more risky than Deros would have allowed. Several of the factions that had broken off from the Divine Alliance were also seeking to find their own methods to create new Soulborn, but few of them had the resources necessary to succeed. This had many mixed results; some succeeded, while others ended up corrupting the recipient.

The Second Reign of Deros, Year 132B to 29B

When Deros was reborn, his worship was nearly elevated to the status of a God. His training began the moment he was discovered, and he was indoctrinated with the deeds and legends of his past life. The Divine Alliance was not the same, but the core believers and the Titan armies were prepared to give everything to ensure that Deros would be returned to his rightful position.

By the age of twenty two, Deros and his armies had torn their way through the demonic lands to retrieve the Armor of An'yus; as predicted, it had called to Deros, and he could feel its pull. Attaining the armor came at a steep price, but it was universally regarded as an overwhelming victory.

His second reign was more tumultuous than his first. Most of the world had been lost, even in the East where the Titan armies were defending. He was forced to spread his armies much thinner than he wanted to, and retreats were strategically directed to return closer to the northwest, where modern-day Omna exists.

Templar Jarius was also reborn during the second reign of Deros. He was quickly raised to his rightful position beside Deros and took control of the Titan's armies after Deros passed.

The Final Migration to Omna, Year 29B to Year 0

Eventually, the Titan armies were forced to retreat to the lands of Omna. Deros had given instructions to Titan Jarius and the rest of his armies to secure the borders of Omna, particularly to the east where they would be most vulnerable.

When Jarius arrived, it was obvious that the borders of Omna weren't the problem. The east was by far the largest threat. Jarius ordered the Titan armies to hold the east while the other civilizations secured the other borders.

The Glory of Titania, Year 0 and On

Deros' third rebirth is heralded as the beginning of the Age of Titania, the first Age within the Era of Omna depending on who you ask.

Deros was tired of the complications and inefficiencies that existed between the civilizations. To rectify the situation, he conquered the lands of Omna and forced everyone under his command to obey his methodologies. He insisted that everyone pay tribute or have their power overthrown. Anyone who refused to obey was a heretic, and would be punished accordingly.

Many think the dark side of his Fey nature in him took over in his third life. Nevertheless, his primary focus was directed against the demons and his methodologies did prove to be extremely successful at combating the demonic forces.

The Legend of Arcanus

The Origins of Arcanus

Arcanus was the largest and most powerful civilization of Celsia, the continent to the south of Omna. Their original homeland, the Wild Tropics of Arcanus, is believed to have the possess the greatest connection to magic in Astaria. Celsia and it's races were strongly aligned with life magic and the element of wood. The Elves, Dryads, and Leos originated here and were more common than the humans.

Through Arcanus' history, even after their migration to Omna, the descendents of the original homeland have possessed many of the most powerful and mysterious magical lineages. Though the Anointed have never had specific correlation to magical lineages, they do seem to appear in higher numbers amongst the descendents of Arcanus.

Celsia was also known for the magical beasts that roamed the continent, particularly in the Wild Tropics of Arcanus where their most powerful magic was forged. The Wild Tropics of Arcanus covered hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of forests, jungles, wetlands, and other areas of high vegetation.

The Emergence of the House of Bastian, Prior to the Demon Wars

The House of Bastian, a magical lineage of Elves that were responsible for the creation of Beastmastery magic, was the first of the five legendary houses of Arcanus. They forged the original Beastmaster Relics, magical devices that allowed their finest warriors to ensnare beasts.

Since beasts were bound to a specific Beastmaster Relic, the families that descended from the House of Bastian often received the relics as heirlooms; including the beasts under their control. Over the course of hundreds of years and several handlers in domestic settings, some of the ancient beasts were eventually tamed and no longer required domination. A few ancient beasts now serve on the Marble Route. The public knows many of the beasts by name and they are considered the route's greatest service for those who can afford it.

Beastmastery would eventually become an international sporting event amongst the other cultures, though the citizens of Arcanus tend to take it much more seriously than as a game. The beasts of the Tropics of Arcanus were particularly deadly and long-lived, some even believed to be ageless. No Beastmaster in Omna can rival the sheer power of the ancient beasts that have survived from Celsia during the Dark Ages.

The Emergence of the House of Beros, Year 268B and On

Even after the Demon Invasion began on Carthen, Arcanus wouldn't have to deal with the demon wars for several years. However, based on the rumors, many suspected or feared that it would come. This mobilized the country into action, and they united under the First Sandori, Alakai Beros.

Alakai, through the power of the Sandori, was able to maintain over two dozen Scions within his mental network. His ability to communicate and organize through his countries and the rest of Astaria was unparalleled. He used Scions as ambassadors to Wendos, Naipoa, Omna, and had a special envoy with the Divine Alliance. While he was alive, Alakai was as well known as Deros; and perhaps just as critical to the success of the Demon Wars.

Alakai was particularly loyal to Arcanus, however, and used his power predominantly to unite and elevate the inhabitants of Celsia. For reasons that are unclear and lost to history, he eventually became extremely mistrustful of the Divine Alliance. He was convinced that they were hiding critical details about the Demonic Invasion. He understood the importance of knowledge and chose to establish several powerful organizations within Arcanus dedicated to the pursuit of secrets.

Alakai Beros, Human, of the House of Beros, was the first Sandori; their house is now famous rogue and spy of legendary status, known for network of spies and connections everywhere. Alakai organized all of Arcanus together; their communication efforts were unmatched; made them ridiculously strong.

The Legend of the West

The Demonic Invasion, Year 271B to 265B

The Cult of Infernos opened the Rift to Infernos in 271B. The initial wave of demons was unprecedented. The entire continent was taken by demons within only a few months, destroying countless territories in the process. If the Jilak of the north had not been in communication with the Ninshana, the Demonic Invasion would have gone much differently.

The Ninshana that survived the invasion fled north after suffering great losses trying to defend their homeland. Their navies joined with the Jilak to fortify the northern seas, and their warriors joined forced with the northern armies.

The Wendori hordes of the north organized just in time to move their armies to the southern border. This created a bottleneck, preventing the demons from moving into the northern lands. If the Wendori hordes had not held the northern territory for as long as they had, the demons would have spread too quickly. It gave the Divine Alliance the critical time they needed to orchestrate the forces of Titania and begin to fulfill the prophesies of An'yus.

Pandora's Box, Year 265B to 252B

The Divine Alliance moved major resources into the north to support the Wendori armies and the Jilak navies. They began the assembly of Pandora's Box, which their order had been constructing the pieces of for several centuries. With the pieces already prepared, construction was quick; and they were able to tap into a powerful energy node not far from where the hordes were protecting.

Pandora's Box was without doubt the most powerful shrine that had ever been created. Its magic absorbed what are collectively known as the demonic energies and transmuted them into new, safe energies of equal power. This strengthened the Wendori bottleneck immensely, as well as gave the Divine Alliance a source to rapidly produce powerful alchemical supplies and artifacts. It was also the location where Soulcraft would first be discovered; and where nearly every successful Soulcraft through history ritual was performed.

Demons that came near Pandora's Box were heavily weakened, killed, or nearly stripped of their powers. The tides turned against them in the fight for the north. The Wendori armies had diminished considerably, but they were now overwhelmingly victorious in war.

The demons were inept at naval combat, which was a stark contrast from the Jilak. The Jilak were able to defend the northern borders almost entirely without the aid of the Ninshana, as their underwater combat and communication made them the undisputed champions of the sea. Despite the demon's best attempts, the north was effectively sealed off against them.

The Demonic Expansion, Year 252B to 78B

Mekal Inderus, the Bringer of Demons, the Bearer of the Demon Sword, and the Dark Fey that originally opened the Rift to Infernos, chose to lead a massive demonic force across the ocean to the west. His forces emerged on the far east continents and began the Titan Wars against Deros and his armies.

Over two hundred thousand demons were shipped to his territories over the course of just a few years, with millions more arriving by the turn of the century. Mekal was responsible for an overwhelming amount of destruction in the east, but was captured by Deros in 247B; only five years after his arrival. Deros retrieved Mekal's legendary demon sword and began using it as his primary weapon.

Mekal was brought to Pandora's Box along with several of his followers and were placed inside it after modifications were performed by the Divine Alliance. The presence of a Dark Fey corrupted to the degree that Mekal had been strengthened the shrine, further empowering the Wendori hordes to maintain their hold against the demons of the south.

Around 228B, the demons began shipping massive forces to the east, mobilizing on the continent south of Omna in the tropics.

The Northern Push, Year 78B to 0B

With the numbers of demons rising in the world and their presence becoming more prolific across the globe, even the Jilak were facing difficulty with protecting the northern borders by sea. The Wendori armies had to mobilize across the north to assist with the resistance. With the revelations of the demonic influence overseas, it seemed inevitable that, over time, the demons would whittle away at the north until it finally cracked.

As predicted, the Demon Lords began sacrificing millions of Spawn to overwhelm the Wendori. The humans were able to lend support with their magic, but were nowhere as capable as the Wendori in war. Without the advantage of Pandora's Box and a bottleneck, it was obvious the Wendori were fighting a losing battle.

Word of Omna, the final defense of Astaria, caught the attention of the north. The Jilak aided the north in fleeing to the Northern Isles of Omna and certain cities around the edges of Jeria. The Wendori migrated to areas of conflict to secure Omna as the final defense, while the Jilak prepared their new homeland by commanding the seas.

Nothing is known of what happened to the Wendori at Pandora's Box, and it has been the source of many legends and myths throughout the years. It is believed that due to the power of the shrine, demons would not be able to destroy it. However, whether or not the surrounding civilization has survived the last thousand years is a subject of much debate.