Introduction to Starborn RPG

The Overview

Welcome to the Starborn RPG, created by skysteed! In this system there is much you CAN do, but very little you MUST do. In other words the core system is simple, but it can be extended through optional "add-on" mechanics to improve your experience as you encounter new things. This brief tutorial will cover the essentials.

The setting takes place in the world of Astaria - a world ripe with mystery, political intregue, national and international rivalries, diverse races and cultures, gods and religions, powerful lineages and organizations, dangerous monsters and conflicts, several interesting forms of magic, and much more.

What you need to start playing

To start playing, you'll need to have basic familiarity with roleplaying games - or a Game Master that can help you through them. Then you'll need a ten-sided die (a "d10"), a 6-sided die (a "d6"), and something to record your character's information on. It's easiest to understand if you print out our character sheet.

How To Play

Skills & Actions

Your character has skills that range from ranks -3 to 8, with 0 being an average level of skill. When making a skill test, you roll 1d10 + 1d6 + {Skill Rank}. The "standard" difficulty is 9, but the GM may assign higher difficulties based on the action being performed.


Sorcery powers are used to cast magic by spending "chambers" - pools of energy that regenerate once per day during the character's sleep cycle. A Minor Chamber can be used to cast a minor power, a Major Chamber can cast a major power, and an Epic Chamber can cast an epic power. Some sorcery powers don't require any chambers, and instead are passively active all the time.

Combat & Health

Damage is calculated by rolling (Lowest of 1d10, 1d6) + {Weapon's Damage} - {Target's Soak}. When health drops to 0, the character is incapacitated. When health drops to -5 or lower, the character is dead. If a character is damaged, they can choose to reduce some of the damage from the attack by activating a "status effect." A status effect will penalize them until it has been cured. The effects include moving at half speed, taking a -2 penalty to all physical actions, or being incapacitated.


Money is handled with three resource types: Minor Resources (about 1 gold), Major Resources, and Epic Resources. Each resource level is 100 times the value of the last. If your character has at least 1 Minor Resource, all trivial costs disappear - such as buying food and common services. Only the transactions that are more meaningful will require an exchange of some sort. The Game Master will decide how much those things cost.

Character Creation

Once you are familiar with the rules above, you can follow the character creation instructions to build your character. You'll probably be playing as a Starborn, unless the Game Master has chosen an alternative style of play.

The Other Details

That covers the essentials of gameplay, so if you have a Game Master ready, you can jump in and get started now. There are some additional mechanics that the Game Master will help you with as you encounter them, such as crafting. If you want to understand those rules now, you can review the Core Mechanics - which outlines the system in more detail.

Quick References

Important Classes